Hi! I'm Julie. Thanks for visiting the page. I'm a singer-songwriter from Newtown, Connecticut, and I'm currently taking on Nashville at Belmont University pursuing my BA in Songwriting. I got my first taste of music with piano lessons on an old upright piano in my childhood home and haven't stopped playing since. After trying every activity I could growing up, music was the only thing that really stuck. Songwriting came later, and really became a passion after discovering an unexpected brother-sister partnership with my brother Jeff, who I write a lot of music with. You could describe our style as singer-songwriter, ballad driven, and indie. 

After spending my high school career at Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, Connecticut, I realized music is the only thing I want to do with my life. Writing, performing and producing are what I love most. All the music I've released I've also produced, and I spent the last year gigging in a duo all around Connecticut at restaurants, bars and wineries. If I'm not playing music, you'll most likely find me running, cooking, and finding the best new restaurants in town with my friends. 

You can find my music anywhere you stream! Follow my socials and check back here for any updates on shows or new releases! Thanks for your support.  :)